How to keep opened wine fresh

Open a fine bottle of wine anytime and not worry about wasting any unfinished amount. The EuroCave Wine Art wine preservation system can keep up to two bottles of opened wine fresh for up to 10 days.

Savour your opened wine at your own pace without compromising on quality or flavour. The Wine Art keeps the flavour and aroma of your wine intact by controlling its exposure to oxygen and heat.

The appliance’s vacuum pump system extracts air from the opened bottle, stopping the wine from further oxidation. The Wine Art system stores the wine at preset temperatures, around 16 deg Celsius for red wine and 8 deg Celsius for white or rose wine. The system has two separate compartments, each equipped with its own preset temperature controls. This means you can store one bottle of red wine and one bottle of white at the same time. The appliance is designed to store still wine in standard 75cl wine bottles between 292mm and 336mm in height. It cannot be used for sparkling wine.

Compact at a height of around 48cm, the sleek-looking black and silver Wine Art system is available on this ST Wine site at a promotional price of $688. Its usual retail price is $808.